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2022 Annual Report

Making a difference


Message from

Alyse Bernbaum

Dear AMDF Trustees, Partners and Friends,

2022 was a year of milestones, growth, and partnerships.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary, an accomplishment that would not have been possible without our dedicated Trustees, Team, and Partners. Over the past 20 years, AMDF has supported 200 charities, impacting more than 200,000 people.

We increased our capacity as our staff expanded, emphasizing the importance of a strong team and the power of working together. Our organizational growth was amplified through a greater online presence, highlighting the dedication and impact our charitable partners have in the field.

Connecting with our partners is vital to our shared success. Our return to in-person site visits gave us up-close insights into the work they do every day. We are committed to strengthening and growing the charities we support, helping them flourish and do what they do best – serve people in need.   


We’re proud of what we have accomplished to date but know much more must be done. In the year ahead, collaboration continues to be our guiding principle by being an engaged partner for our charities and like-minded funders. We will continue to prioritize nurturing relationships with increased transparency and streamlined processes to deepen both existing and new partnerships.

Follow us on social media as we highlight our partners’ incredible work and share resources and tools to increase impact.

We look forward to working together to create lasting change.

Thank you for your partnership,

Alyse Bernbaum, AMDF Executive Director


Executive Summary

We remain committed to our priorities of Youth Mental Health and Youth Homelessness. Believing that individuals and communities have the right to be healthy, confident, inspired, and successful, we strive to enable this through access to educational, mental health, and housing supports.

In 2022, we deepened our impact by further investing in charities with whom we have long-standing relationships. Strengthening our connections with existing partners enabled us to support their excellent work and ensure the programs reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to addressing the critical needs and serving the community. In doing so, we set out to increase our understanding of the current climate in the GTA, Ontario, and Canada through embarking on a series of knowledge-building sessions with professionals in the field.

As we navigate the COVID-19 era with care, a true highlight was returning to in-person site visits, visiting 27 of our partnering charities!

Reflecting on this past year, we’re proud of our support for at-risk youth as we aim to reduce the number vulnerable young people in our community through early intervention, prevention, and direct services.

Timeline Of Activity

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Lives Impacted Over 20 Years

2022 Impact

Programs Supported
Charities Supported
Youth Mental Health Programs Supported
Youth Homelessness Programs Supported
Legacy Gifts
Discretionary Gifts
$ 0 M
Total Donated
$ 0 M
Total Distributed


Gifts that continue to give.

 Our endowments generated $2,850,490 million.

AMDF’s endowments are based on long-standing relationships with our partners. Once gifts are completed, endowments distribute investment income annually.
This year, our endowments generated the following return on investments: 






Giving Overview

AMDF distributed $3,309,263 million, supporting 79 programs. 

Our commitment to Youth Mental Health and Youth Homelessness remained the strategic priority as the needs in Ontario continued to critically increase.

*Priority Donations: Gifts supporting Youth Mental Health & Youth Homelessness
*Endowments & Legacy Donations: Gifts by invitation only & based on long-standing relationships
**1 Endowment: AMDF donated to one endowment this year, all other endowments are generating return on investments

Where we Support

AMDF continued to expand our reach across Ontario, touching nearly 90,000 lives and focusing on programs located in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

These numbers are based on a data collection and do not include all the charities AMDF supported in 2022.

The Reality

Youth Mental Health

Across Canada, 1 in 5 Canadians experience mental illness in their lifetime and 1 in 5 youth in Ontario are currently living with a mental health challenge.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death amongst those aged 15-24. 

Stigmas and discrimination associated with mental illness limits access to treatment, compassionate care, and community-wide acceptance.

Without access to mental health resources for diagnosis, treatment, and support, youth face barriers to overcome these challenges and thrive as independent adults.

Youth Homelessness

6,000 youth aged 13-24 experience homelessness or houselessness nightly in Canada, that is 35,000 youth annually. The City of Toronto sees between 850 to 2,000 youth sleeping in a shelter every night.

Shelter is one of our most basic necessities.

Youth who are unhoused are at an increased risk of exploitation, addiction, and trafficking, along with other abuses and traumas. 

There is a tightly woven link between those who do not have access to stable housing and the impact on their mental health.

Without access to lifesaving services and supports, including prevention and emergency intervention, housing, food security, mental health and well-being, youth remain vulnerable and at-risk.

Our Solution

AMDF supported 40 programs in Youth Mental Health 
and 14 programs in Youth Homelessness.

We support programs that focus on youth struggling with mental health and youth experiencing homelessness.

We believe in creating sustainable change that builds resilience amongst the most vulnerable. 

Through prioritizing preventative support, early intervention, and direct services, AMDF impacts hundreds of thousands of lives across Ontario. We reach high-priority neighbourhoods, women & girls, 2SLGBTQI+, racialized communities, and families.

Holistic programming is essential to addressing the needs of youth in under-served communities. We support programs in employment, food security, foster care, human trafficking, housing & shelters, domestic violence, criminal justice, eating disorders, sports & recreation, and the arts.

Program Highlights


Youth Mental Health

Charity: CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

Program: Social Support Team

Funded: 2020

Black youth aged 18-29 face significant barriers due to mental health challenges, educational attainment, and precarious housing. At CEE, the Social Support Team provides wraparound social and psychotherapy services to…


Charity: Abiona Centre for Infant & Early Mental Health

Program: Residential and Transitional Housing

Funded: 2020

Abiona Centre’s Resiedential and Transitional Housing Program provides 24/7 safe housing, mental health support, and wraparound services to underhoused and homeless young mothers aged 13-24 and their children…


2022 Grants Awarded

Program: HOPE Program
Amount: $115,000
Priority: Homelessness
Safe and holistic support for survivors of human sex trafficking.
Program: Pre/Post-Natal Residential Program
Amount: $100,000
Priority: Homelessness
Safe housing, mental health programming, and wraparound supports for homeless and under-housed mothers aged 13-24, and their children.
Program: General Programming
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
General programming to raise awareness about abuse and neglect.
Program: Emergency Financial Aid Program
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Mental Health
Healthcare support that assists people in the performing arts to cover expenses including physiotherapy, counselling, dental treatment, medical equipment, fees for addiction treatment, and more.
Program: Scholarships
Amount: $5,000
Priority: Legacy
Scholarship Program for youth of Barbadian heritage entering university or college.
Program: Digital BeaYOUtiful Program
Amount: $24,000
Priority: Mental Health
Safe and empowering digital program in the GTA to build confidence and self-worth for those who identify as female.
Program: 1:1 Community-Based Mentorship
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
1:1 community-based mentorship that matches a Little (aged 7-16) with a Big to cultivate healthy and positive relationships.
Program: Rexdale Community Expansion
Amount: $60,000
Priority: Mental Health
Relationship building and community access to recruit local Big volunteers to mentor youth.
Program: INNclusion Program & Extended Gift
Amount: $44,000
Priority: Homelessness
The first safe and stable housing for 2SLGBTQI+ youth experiencing homelessness in York Region.
Program: Various Programs
Amount: $1,347,511
Priority: Endowment
Supporting multiple programs under the charity's umbrella including Hadassah Academic College and Shamir Medical Centre.
Program: Community Programs
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Employing the power of the performing arts and music to develop skills and competencies in mental wellness and personal development. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Social Support Team
Amount: $162,000
Priority: Mental Health
Social Support Team focused on meeting the needs of CEE members. Services include food and income security, mental health services, and post-program wraparound supports.
Program: Hospital-to-Home (H2H)
Amount: $113,720
Priority: Mental Health
Early intervention to the NICU to support families and infants born with extreme prematurity, in collaboration with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.
Program: Truama-Informed Supports
Amount: $22,000
Priority: Mental Health
Trauma-informed support for young victims of abuse, violence, and crime, offering them and their families crisis prevention, suicide assessment, safety planning, coping skills, and more.
Program: Mental Health Story Time
Amount: $7,500
Priority: Mental Health
Mental Health Story Time improves the mental health of children living in high-need neighbourhoods.
Program: Centre for At-Risk Youth
Amount: $20,000
Priority: Mental Health
Refugee and immigrant at-risk youth and families receive culturally and trauma-informed mental health assessment and treatment.
Program: Student Development Program
Amount: $27,500
Priority: Mental Health
Student development through workshops, performances, artistic expression, and mentorship that cultivates a sense of community, relationship-building, and problem-solving skills.
Program: Life Skills Program
Amount: $33,000
Priority: Homelessness
1:1 and group activities with an occupational therapist leading sessions focused on life skills development to help youth succeed in independent living.
Program: Connect Program
Amount: $15,000
Priority: Mental Health
Specialized support services for youth and parents who have a sibling or child with complex medical needs to provide peer support and coping tools.
Program: HOPE & Peer Support Program
Amount: $11,000
Priority: Mental Health
Scholarships and mentorship support programs for youth living with diabetes.
Program: Health and Wellness Program
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Homelessness
Youth experiencing homelessness receive in-house care, crisis support, and comprehensive case management to address their physical and mental health needs. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Augmented Education
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Mental Health
An employment-focused program for students with complex mental health challenges and/or histories of addiction to promote and support maintaining employment. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Mental Health & Well-Being
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Increased access to mental health services and supports for girls, young women, and their parents from low-income families and communities facing socioeconomic barriers. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Production Sponsor
Amount: $10,000
Priority: Legacy
Culturally enriched programming with people from diverse backgrounds to educate and entertain the community.
Program: Mental Health & Wellness Program
Amount: $10,000
Priority: Homelessness
Individual counselling, group programming, and psychiatric services for at-risk youth and youth experiencing homelessness.
Program: Children & Youth Program
Amount: $20,000
Priority: Homelessness
Emergency shelter and services for women and their children experiencing or threatened by intimate partner violence. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Courage to Change
Amount: $23,200
Priority: Mental Health
For university-aged students to help overcome mental health and addiction through counselling and support groups.
Program: Programming Support
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Counselling, outreach, and support group work for those with addiction and mental health challenges.
Jewish _family_child
Program: Dan Start-Up Fund
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Mental Health
Women and their children receive help to leave dangerous circumstances and access various support services to move into a safe home, purchase basic needs, pay legal fees, and more.
Program: Social Work Supports Program
Amount: $60,000
Priority: Mental Health
Wraparound, trauma-informed support services through a social worker for clients facing significant adversity. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Off-Court Programming
Amount: $60,000
Priority: Mental Health
In-person and virtual programming centered on the culture of basketball to develop skills such as resilience, self-esteem, and mental well-being.
Program: After-School Program
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Bringing STEM education to youth in the Jane & Finch neighbourhood to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.
Program: Transitional Age Youth Program
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Homelessness
Educational services for at-risk youth experiencing homelessness who are facing challenges with mental health, physical health, and/or substance abuse. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Smart Wheels Program
Amount: $10,000
Priority: Mental Health
Specially trained MADD Canada staff visit schools with a 42-foot RV to educate youth about the dangers of alcohol and drug impaired driving.
Program: Bursary Program
Amount: $10,000
Priority: Mental Health
Youth gain access to the performing arts and in turn build important life skills and improved mental wellness.
Program: Digital Health & Well-Being
Amount: $40,000
Priority: Mental Health
Focusing on youth and technology to support youth mental health in the Digital Age that promotes a healthy and balanced relationship with technology and social media.
Program: Fund for New Musicals
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Legacy
Financial and dramaturgical support for creators in devising and developing new musicals.
Program: Make Me a Song
Amount: $35,000
Priority: Mental Health
80 youth from Toronto's Priority Neighbourhood Improvement Areas receive free weekly choir lessons to develop a sense of community and cultivate life skills.
Program: SPARK Program & Whole School
Amount: $150,000
Priority: Mental Health
Eating disorder prevention and awareness to cultivate a body-inclusive school environment; support post-secondary students and employees via a helpline for those affected by eating disorders.
Program: Tikinagan Program
Amount: $31,500
Priority: Homelessness
A holistic and culturally based approach for pre- and postnatal families to provide early intervention health and support services to nurture a healthy start to Aboriginal infants.
Program: Science Days & CampMed
Amount: $20,000
Priority: Mental Health
Indigenous youth in Northern Ontario learn about STEM concepts and a career in healthcare through Science Days; CampMed's annual summer camp provides rural and remote students with an opportunity to consider a future in healthcare.
Program: Regent Park After School Program
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Mental Health
A holistic model aimed to break the cycle of poverty through education that combines academic, financial, social, and 1:1 supports for youth during high school and post-graduation.
Program: Caregiver Waitlist Support Program
Amount: $23,300
Priority: Mental Health
Dedicated to families whose child is on the waitlist to enter the intensive live-in program for youth dealing with mental health and/or addiction. Families receive support and guidance while learning about addiction and coping mechanisms. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: 1:1 Peer Mentorship
Amount: $16,500
Priority: Homelessness
In collaboration with shelters and youth-serving organizations in the GTA, professional artists and facilitators are paired with youth to provide online mentorship.
Program: Programming
Amount: $5,000
Priority: Legacy
Supporting a variety of programs to ensure the success of students in education and promote self-confidence.
Program: Tweens-Teens Mental Health
Amount: $11,000
Priority: Mental Health
Promoting mental well-being and the development of life skills for girls through safe and age-appropriate activities.
Program: Percussion Program
Amount: $70,000
Priority: Mental Health
Employing music to develop life skills such as empathy, problem solving, and advocacy for youth living in underserved communities.
Program: NextUp!
Amount: $55,000
Priority: Homelessness
Professional development focused on mentorship, education, and networking to prepare young, racialized art leaders to take on their own arts initiative and senior-level positions in Arts Administration.
Program: Bean Bag Chat
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Mental Health
Addressing mental health challenges through an online counselling app enabling clients aged 16-29 to access immediate support.
Program: Youth Services Program
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Homelessness
Services for youth exiting the child welfare system to prevent homelessness and support their mental health.
Program: In Class Program
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Engages, provokes, and entertains Toronto audiences through the theatre, delving into social and political issues. Providing workshops to 1,000+ youth annually.
Program: iNdigital Youth Collective
Amount: $15,000
Priority: Mental Health
Engaging a collective group of Indigenous youth who are emerging digital and interactive artists through a community-focused approach to empower the next generation of Indigenous voices. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: Learn Create Explore
Amount: $45,000
Priority: Mental Health
In a safe and supportive environment, students from various schools gain leadership, communication, self-expression, and self-regulation skills.
Program: New Play Contest
Amount: $5,000
Priority: Legacy
Emerging artists receive the opportunity to showcase their work through an annual New Play Contest.
Program: What’s On My Plate
Amount: $33,000
Priority: Mental Health
Mental health awareness for youth aged 13-17 through cooking and workshops that teach about mental illnesses such as depression, addiction, and eating disorders.
Program: Making Changes
Amount: $25,000
Priority: Mental Health
Women from various disadvantaged backgrounds, many of whom have experienced abuse or trauma, receive support in overcoming personal, social, and economic barriers.
Program: Youth Housing Navigator
Amount: $50,000
Priority: Homelessness
Workshops, 1:1 support, and subsidies to help youth secure and maintain safe housing. *Funds given in 2021, continued into 2022
Program: If You Ask Me
Amount: $10,000
Priority: Mental Health
Young filmmakers who identify as living with mental health and/or addiction issues gain knowledge and critical skills while being supported through their filmmaking process.
Program: Mental Health Clinic
Amount: $108,000
Priority: Homelessness
Supporting the mental health needs of at-risk youth and youth experiencing homelessness.

In our ongoing efforts to strengthen our partnerships, increase transparency, and measure our impact, we partnered with Impact Genome®. 

Impact Genome® is a comprehensive impact assessment tool that helps donors better understand the outcomes of their work.

With 2 million+ verified charities on Impact Genome®’s Registry, their evidence-based self-evaluation enables charities to employ standardized impact measurement and reporting while benchmarking key outcomes.

AMDF is grateful to our partnering charities who completed the report.

Key Performance Indicators 

Check out an example scorecard from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto!

Our aim is to elevate AMDF’s support and our charities’ impact.

A Look Ahead 

AMDF’s goal is to continue providing access to critical resources for youth living with mental health challenges and youth experiencing homelessness.

As we look at the year ahead, we see the needs across Ontario becoming increasingly precarious. With homelessness on the rise, the housing affordability crisis, and the escalating cost of food, the need for housing supports and mental health services are at an all-time high.

Entering our twenty-first year, AMDF remains committed to supporting our community and charities that are directly impacting those who need it most.

PHOTO CREDIT | CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

Who We Are 

Aubrey Dan

Co-Founder & Trustee

Marla Dan

Co-Founder & Trustee

Elias Toby


Alyse Bernbaum

Executive Director

Caren Croland Yanis

Advisory Committee Member

Tamara Haberman

Grants Manager

Haley Burkes-Millo

Communications Director

Caitlyn Cuento Gujol

Foundation Administrator

Thank you

Black youth aged 18-29 face significant barriers due to mental health challenges, educational attainment, and precarious housing.

At CEE, the Social Support Team provides wraparound social and psychotherapy services to Black youth through providing tools, resources, and mental health supports that improve their mental well-being, social-emotional skills, employability, and access to career opportunities.

To date, 203 youth have been directly impacted by the CEE Social Support Team. The indirect impact extends much further into the lives of their families, peers, community, and society at-large.

An expansion of the Social Support Team, a clinical software initiative was launched in 2022 which offers social service navigation, 1:1 psychotherapy, and group coping support, with the purpose of extending mental health support to the 250+ alumni, current youth, and community members.

Meet Prudence

Arriving to Toronto from Kenya, Prudence went directly into living in a shelter. Struggling financially and with her mental health, Prudence didn’t know her next steps or how her future in Canada was going to look.

One day, while at the shelter, there was a flyer hanging up about CEE. 

“It [the flyer] was a godsend to me because it came right at the time when I needed a hand.”

Prudence joined CEE and from that moment everything changed. The Social Support Team ensured that Prudence didn’t have to repeat high school, and she received emotional and financial support along with career orientation. 

Wanting to break into the film industry, and having studied film for two years in Kenya, the team helped her overcome personal struggles and opened opportunities for Prudence to pursue her career aspirations.

As a Production Assistant Alumni, CEE supported Prudence as she obtained work with companies in her field. Today, Prudence is working as a Lighting, Grip, & Power Associate at William F. White International Inc.

“CEE was the best thing that could ever happen to anyone after arriving from Africa… they not only focus on a specific goal, but they take it further by paying attention to you as an individual.”

Abiona Centre’s Residential and Transitional Housing Program for Adolescent Mothers provides 24/7 safe housing, mental health support, and wraparound services to underhoused and homeless young mothers aged 13-24 and their children.

Each year, over 150 young mothers and babies live in Abiona’s housing.

Young mothers receive support through on-site high school and post-secondary education assistance, life skills programming, healthcare, and job training. 

With mental health being critical to the success of young mothers, the program provides counselling, infant & early childhood programs, and development screening for every child.

The goal is to break the cycle of poverty, transition into independent living, and build a stable life.

Meet Sheenique

When Sheenique was 20 years old, she discovered that she was pregnant. In learning about her pregnancy, Sheenique’s parents kicked her out of the house, packed her belongings in garbage bags, and left them at the doorstep.

“I wasn’t scared, this offered me a chance to escape the abuse I faced at home.”

Sheenique turned to the Abiona Centre where she welcomed her son, Jayvion. Sheenique and Jayvion lived at the centre for 4 years. They received a safe place to live, daily food on the table, and an opportunity for Sheenique to complete her education and develop life skills to raise a strong, healthy child.

“I’m fortunate to have found the Abiona Centre and benefit from the supportive resources and staff. Thank you for relieving me of the heavy burden that I had been carrying for years.”

Today, at 26 years old, Sheenique is a recent college graduate, living independently with now 5-year-old Jayvion. Still attending programs at the Abiona Centre, Sheenique and Jayvion are thriving!

A Profile of Young Mothers in the Housing Program